I first started turning around Easter 2010 so I consider myself very much a “novice turner”. I actually started attending the Wight Woodturners meetings some five months before I had everything in the workshop up and running and have been much encouraged by the members support and enthusiasm. The club competitions have certainly provided a number if interesting challenges and have made me try things I might not have done at this stage!

My love of woodwork is not surprising as I come from a long line of shipwrights, joiners, carpenters and sawyers. In my retirement, wood turning is adding a new dimension. Working with wood has been purely a life-long hobby activity as I have spent a long career as an electronic design engineer in the radar and defence industry. Perhaps, because of this engineering background my turning projects tend to be thought out in great detail and drawn up on the computer. I then try to develop my turning expertise to realise my designs. It doesn’t always work out, but I learn!

I am not sure in which direction my turning might progress but I would like to try some segmented turning or some finial boxes next. I am also intrigued by the detailed work of David Springett.

Some of my attempts are shown on this page which I hope might encourage other novices. What you don’t see of course is the large box of ornamental fire wood!


Second bowl in Lime

London plane (to display granddaughter’s stone egg)

Mahogany, birch veneer and sycamore

Unfinished pine (prototypes for Mahogany Goblets)

Some over-the-top handles! Hemlock – (scrap from a builders site)

Sumach and apple (prototype for Flask 2) 

African Padauk and sycamore 

Maple and red veneerCanadian maple with painted bands

Green ash (ready for grandkids to paint!)