Below are links to suppliers and services which club members have found useful. Comments associated with each below come from the recommending club member, initials in brackets.

Excellent service. Will NOT send finishing products to IOW. Delivery has been getting dearer recently (JN).

The Mulberry Tree Woodturnery - Andy Fortune

Andy gives a 10% discount to all members of Wight Woodturners. (AF).

ITS Tools, Newport

      General Woodworking tools supplier

Home Of Wood

Click the above link to visit their web site. Posted 6 August 2012.

Good service but watch some of the prices WILL send finishing products to IOW (JN).

Very helpful bloke WILL send finishing products to IOW (JN).

Can be expensive (nothing to do with American co. of same name) (JN).

Craft supplies in American will send to us no hassle (JN).

Not used them myself but Ray says they are good (JN).

No question - the cheapest place to buy branded power tools & will not charge extra to send to IOW (JN).

'Local' 20 mins off ferry, nice bloke, nice shop and does tuition (JN).

Big woodwork shop but watch the prices and delivery charges (JN).

CSM Abrasives (LM), they offer a very large range of all types of abrasives adhesives etc.

Very good for various cheap engineering tools (LM).

They offer wide range of turning supplies and next day service as standard.

They sell a wide range of bearings at very reasonable cost and very quick postal service.

 Woodland and Wetland Restoration

Timber supplier - contact Andy Toms by phone: 01983 867589, or mobile: 07808 498390. No website available