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Demonstration by Jenny Starbuck - 13 October 2009

This evening we were joined by Jenny Starbuck who gave a very interesting demonstration and talk on how she employs various techniques and processes to decorate her wood turning. Jenny explained that in particular she enjoys making very thin bowls and platters, which she then colours, adorns with beads (and various other objects)  and pierces the wood with various patterns or shapes. Jenny often makes use of materials to be found in craft shops as a source of patterns which can be transferred to her turned work. She finds using these patterns enables her to quickly create decorations on her turnings, which she then pierces with one of the several tools she has at her disposal.

Jenny also uses various plastics which can be cast onto her work to create very effective designs as can be seen by the central picture in the row below.

The list of tools and materials used by Jenny can be found by clicking on this link.
We thank Wightlink for sponsoring Jenny's trip to the island to give this demonstration.