By trade I am a machine tool setter but to be totally honest I really wanted a career in antique furniture.

My love of wood, prompted by lack of funds, led me to produce all manner of wooden items. Initially I crafted toys for my children, furniture for our home, and even full sized houseboats whilst living in Australia. It was not until 1988, following redundancy, that I purchased my lathe and began wood turning. Here I felt my experience as a precision engineer influenced my attitude towards my woodcraft. I began to feel as if I'd found my potential. Realistically however I needed to earn an income so drew on my experience of earlier years and began the production of a large repertoire of children's toys. Through this I managed a reasonable living until the unfortunate advent of a disastrous fire. Everything I'd produced burnt quite literally to a pile of ash. Some time after the fire, I was given something that encouraged a change in my work. Whilst on a return trip to Australia, a gift of a book entitled 'Polychromatic Woodturning' inspired me. Its ideas were completely different and challenging. I experimented endlessly and have finally arrived at a combination of the many influences that now come together to create my own unique style. The most resounding influence for me comes from the earthenware of the Ottoman Empire.