Roger Gladdish is a woodturner specializing in naturally-edged and thin-walled bowls in a wide range of English hard and fruit woods. The distinguishing features of his bowls are their delicacy and rich grain patterns, customers are frequently surprised as to how light they are. The grain patterns are achieved by selecting timber with “character” and bringing out the form that makes best use of the shape and grain of the wood.

The starting point is green timber in the round from local sources. The bowls are rough turned and put aside to dry for 9-12 months before finish turning and oiling.

Below is just a small selection from the many items made by Roger.


Cherry 13cm x 10cm

Elm 13cm x 10 cm

Elm 13cm x 13cm

Hawthorne 13cm x 7.5cm

Plum flowers Rustic ash 15.25cm x 9cm

Spalted 23cm x 9cm

Sycamore 23cm x 15cm

Walnut 18cm x 4cm Yew 24cm x 13cm

Yew 32cm x 5cm

Yew 32cm x 7.5cm