Bill has been interested in making things and messing about in boats for most of his life. He served an apprenticeship as a shipwright in a naval dockyard and subsequently became a scientist.

In his spare time he designed and made enough modern furniture to fill several houses and completed the woodwork of a number of racing dinghies.

Whilst making furniture is a relatively slow process as each piece can occupy several weeks or months to make, Bill finds that woodturning is a pleasing contrast as several pieces may be completed in a day and at one end of the spectrum the process is akin to sculpture. More recently Bill has been experimenting with the use of sawn veneers and a vacuum bag veneer press to produce large platters.

Although wood is Bill’s primary medium he also works with other materials including brass, acrylic, leather, porcelain, and pewter; the latter lends itself to being worked by relatively simple craft methods including spinning with a wood turning lathe.


Pewter jug spun on woodturning lathe
Pewter jug (15 cm high) spun
on woodturning lathe
Ash vase with olive streak
Ash vase (18 cm high) with olive streak

Tall spalted beech vase
Cherry vase 22 cm high.
Dining Chair
Dining chair, Ash and African Teak

Shallow bowl made with sawn teak veneer and an aeroply core.  The components assembled with a vacuum veneer press on a turned mould, 38 cm diameter.

Spalted Sycamore doughnut
Spalted Sycamore doughnut 29 cm diameter.

English ash and greenheart, 36 cm

Veneered platter. Tiger oak rim, leather centre
Veneered platter.  Tiger oak rim,
leather centre 47 cm diameter.
Ash platter with mahogany inserts
Ash platter (41 cm diameter) with
mahogany inserts

Spalted sycamore and
250ml of wet rot wood hardener, 30 cm diameter