Wight Woodturners


September Club Meeting


Thursday 28th September 2017



The main item of the meeting was a demonstration by Arthur Cuthbert of the offset lady. Mike mentioned that a new gate had been installed outside the existing car park. The gates would not be opened until 7:00pm and there was now nowhere to park outside. The exhibition at the Garlic Farm had been set up and was ready to go from Friday to Monday. Bill Claydon had brought in a supply of apples and members were invited to help themselves. There would be show and tell and the library and later a presentation would be made to the scouts.


Show & Tell

Peter Smart had used buffing wheels in his box making demo. He showed a rake he had made to clean the wheels. The tips of the teeth are used to worry the cloth wheels.

Andy Fortune had brought in a number of bowls which had been turned on a pole lathe. One of these was very similar to the bowls brought up on the Mary Rose.


 Demonstration – Off-centre Lady

This project uses only normal lathe centres and the offsets are modest and at the tail centre only. Arthur marked up his blank into three sections. A ball is turned on the headstock end instead of the usual spigot. This helps to grip the work as it is set at an angle. Working from the tail end first, which was on centre at both ends, was the legs. Arthur then moved the tail end off-centre by 10mm and having put tape on the tool rest to mark where this section finished he turned the body. He then offset the tail end by 10mm the other way to turn the bust. This was followed by a 5mm offset for the head.


Presentation to the Scouts

The clock, which had been turned by Roy Groves and pyro graphed by Peter Carver, was presented to the Scouts. This marked the 110th anniversary of the 1st Newport Scouts, the oldest surviving troop in the world. The clock was received by Rod Warne and Chris Kirby. They were very appreciative of the unique nature and excellent workmanship of the clock.


Peter’s buffing wheel comb.

Andy shows his bowls while Mike looks on

Arthur measures the offset

Continuing turning

Adjusting the workpiece

Nearly finished

The rounded spigot

Complete with hat and stand.

Members admire the clock

Rod receives the clock on behalf of the Scouts


If you have not tried off-centre turning we hope that Arthur’s demonstration whetted your appetite. There are more details of off centre turning under the How-To section on the web-site. No special equipment is needed for this project and the out-of-balance is minimal.






David Burden

Oct  2017