Wight Woodturners


May Club Meeting - Lidded Box Competition

Thursday 25th May 2017


Roy opened the meeting to which we welcomed not only a good number of members but also two holiday-makers from the mainland who had looked us up and decided to drop in. The June meeting will include lathes out for polychromatic turning. Vic and Ron were on the tea rota.


Roy drew attention to a possibility of visiting Stiles and Bates for one of the Woodmill Days that they run for Woodturning Clubs. The trip would be for April 2018 but we need an idea of numbers in order to plan. A sign up would be out for those interested.

Roy reminded us that arrangements are going ahead for ‘Watch Wight Woodturners at the Garlic Farm’ Friday September 29th to Monday October 2nd. There will be demonstrations, a display of work and sale of small items in aid of the Scouts’ 110th Anniversary as well as sales of members work.

The main item of the evening was the competition which members would judge following Show & Tell.


Show & Tell.

Roy had brought in a box scraper which he had made from a piece of toolsteel which he had hardened and tempered but he suggested that something similar could be made from an old gouge.


Following on from his demonstration Peter Smart brought in two Chinese hat boxes which had been buffed with Carnauba wax to give a lasting shine.

John Craig had brought in some Iroko, recycled from a staircase. He invited members interested to help themselves to a piece. Thank you John.

 Lidded Box Competition.


Members judged the competition and Roy withdrew to tot up the scores. There were twenty-six entries. No restriction had been placed on the definition of a box and there was a wide variety of items from a lidded bowl in Sapele by Vic Cooke to a threaded ‘note case’ by Peter Smart. (An ideal needle case perhaps?).


John Craig had produced a double cylinder box inspired by a cylinder lock, the ends of which were influenced by a Chinese hat seen at the V&A. David Ives had made a cup and saucer box from Sycamore with a Walnut splash which had involved much work with a coping saw and sandpaper. He also used an inlay of guitar purfling. Simon Broadhead had used Spalted Ash for his ‘Saturn’ offset sphere box. Ted had used Yew for his box.

David Burden had produced a Walnut pagoda box at his sixth attempt, whilst Tony King had produced an off-centre turning and a cylindrical box with gently curving sides and rings decorating the lid. Adrian Boyce had used Zebrano for his entry, a gracefully curved box which showed up the grain well. Alan had used Burbinga and June her favourite wood: Yew.


Paul French had turned a large mushroom box in Laburnum and also a small hinged box in oriental plane. David Woodward made a box in Beech, Yew and Hornbeam. Issues with the wood had necessitated design changes during turning. The inside was turned to provide space for a ring a bracelet and a necklace. Clive had inset a piece of kitchen worktop cut in with a small skew.


Len had produced two boxes both from a piece of Box given him by Bernie some years ago. The one box was threaded with the grain matched either side of an insert. He had used Purple Heart on the lid. Len found Box one of the best woods for taking threads. Bernie had used the same piece of wood to make his box and showed us the parting tool he used which was made from an old saw blade.


Roy had produced a pagoda box but only took three goes. Peter Smart had made a threaded box from a piece of Cotoneaster which was very hard. He had added beading with a Decorating Elf and used an inset from an offcut of pen blank to cover a wormhole. He had made another small box with a decorated lid from Sapele.

There are some general shots of the competition below but see also the competition gallery for photos of all entries.


The next competition is for an item made from three or more different timbers. These need not necessarily be glued up.



Ted examines Roy’s special scraper..

Members judging the competiton..

Experienced turners’ table

Intermediates’ entries

Plenty of interest from the ‘beginners’

John explains his source of inspiration while Joan looks on.


Our thanks to Len and Bill on the tea pots.




 Next Club Meeting   Thursday 22nd June at 7:30pm



David Burden

June 2017