Wight Woodturners


March Club Meeting

Thursday 23rd March 2017


Mike opened the meeting which was well attended. The next competition which will be at the May meeting will be a lidded box. Tonight Mike and Peter Smart would be at the lathes demonstrating their different methods of box making. There would be Show & Tell, Timber Sales, Library, and Raffle and John would be set up on the web-site for any members with problems.


Show & Tell


Bill Claydon started proceedings with an explanation of how he had made his ‘leaning’ bowl. He demonstrated the action of two sphere jigs which he had made to help make a perfect hemisphere for the outside and inside. He had also made a doughnut chuck which enabled him to offset the inside of the bowl.


Roy Groves showed a platter with badge which he had made as a trophy for a 2 day motorbike trial. Roy then explained how he had made his room fragrancer. A cube of Afromosa was held in a square chuck. He used a special scraper to start each face and then another home ground tool for the sides of the ball. It was then necessary to plug each side to stop the ball moving while the top and bottom were turned. The wood was put in water to make it swell a little and a template was used to check the ball. It was hollowed from the end. A funnel was turned and attached to the top. The inside was superglued so that it would not absorb the oil.


John Craig updated us on his progress with a lattice lid. He had turned the inside concentric rings to a uniform depth using a depth gauge made from an electrical connector with the right length probe fitted. John had made a near sphere for the lid to sit on. He had drilled a hole in the centre of the lid which would later take a knob or finial. He had made an offset hole in the sphere, fitted with a rawl plug, which the lid could then be screwed to and rotated to turn the outside offset rings. He wanted to make five lattice lids for newel post tops which he was then going to fit with LED’s.


Tommy Ford wanted to do some thread chasing and asked if anyone could help as he did not want to buy expensive tooling for the few he intended doing. John Craig suggested that for low volumes an appropriate nut could be cut in half and welded to a shaft to make a tool. Likewise a bolt could be used to make the female thread.


Bill’s doughnut chuck

Sphere turning jig with home made tool.

The tilting bowl.

Roy’s square chuck

Roy’s second detail tool for forming the ball inside the cube.

John’s jig for lattice turning



Peter and Mike followed on with their demonstrations of box turning. Peter was making a Chinese Hat box with pre-determined dimensions. For demonstration purposes he used a piece of Sycamore, though he would normally use a harder wood. He started by turning a cylinder and parting off leaving a witness which he could use later for a hollowing guide. He drilled to depth and hollowed out with a Clewes hollower, checking against a template when close to required dimensions. He then used a very curved scraper. To sand he wrapped a piece of abrasive round a small piece of sponge and then held that with forceps. Finally he used a polishing mop in the lathe to apply a wax finish.





Tools used by Peter with some boxes he did earlier.

Measuring gauges and other equipment.

Peter parts off the lid

And begins hollowing the box

Turning the outside

Applying the gauge whilst turning

Last details on the box and parting off

Polishing on the lathe



Mike turned a cylindrical box from a piece of Holly. Rather than work to pre-determined dimensions he allowed the piece of wood to dictate the size. He turned to a cylinder and parted off the lid. The base was hollowed with a number of tools finishing with a bedan. He then hollowed the lid checking the fit frequently. He aimed for a tight fit to start with so that the base could be used as a jam chuck. Later the fit could be eased. Finally he turned a knob on the top of the lid.


Mike hollowing the base of his box

Continuing hollowing with the tool horizontal

Moving down the side wall

Parting off.

Moving on to the lid

Using a parting tool

Lid in a jam chuck

The scraper in the downward position

Mike’s finished box

Tools used by Mike


Other activities included Wood Sales which went well, the library and the monthly raffle. John was busy in the web corner.


Our thanks to David and Adrian Boyce on the tea rota.



Axminster Trip   Wednesday 25th April

Next Club Meeting   Thursday 27th April at 7:30pm




David Burden

April 2017