Wight Woodturners

 February Club Meeting Open Competition

 Thursday 23rd February 2017


Mike opened the meeting, the main item being the Open Competition. Mike was gobsmacked at the wealth of entries, commenting particularly at the standard of the beginners’ work. This had improved considerably over the years. The new set up for preparing entries for display enabled Roy have time and space to do his work. Voting on the entries would take place after Show and Tell.


There would also be an auction of some tools which had been donated to the club.


The Tea Rota was finalised and would be confirmed soon.


The Library would be out and also sign up lists for the Axminster trip and Lunches for the Mark Hancock demo.


There will be a lathe out and Mike outlined the H&S issues.


Show and Tell:


Derek had brought some interesting Bay Tree blanks and a Holly Tree root (see photo) which were taken up by members.


Clive told us a cautionary tale about a recent accident in his workshop and stressed the importance of having a First Aid kit at hand.


Mike regaled us with tales of woe. His attempts at making a lattice lidded box to a design by David Springett had ended in disaster. Despite making several holding devices and using a good piece of Walnut all had come to nought. Who will take up the challenge? The next competition is for a lidded box – who dares might win!


Peter Smart had not done any turning but had changed his lighting. He had fitted LED tubes to replace fluorescent. It was necessary to change the starter motor and some lights might need conversion. If you are interested see: https://www.lightbulbs-direct.com/crompton-22w-cool-white-t8-glass-led-tube-light-4ft/


Following Show and Tell, members judged the competition. There were a good number of entries in all categories with a wide range of pieces. See the competition report for photos of the entries.


In the ‘beginners’ section David Ives took third with an oak bowl decorated with clock parts in resin. This was made from a piece of timber, originally from a ship, but which had been used in his house. Perhaps he should have a prize for re-re-cycling. Simon Broadhead was second with an outstanding lighthouse in Ash and Vic Cook was first with a salad bowl turned from a beautiful piece of Mimosa.


Arthur Cuthbert came third in the intermediate with a Yew vase containing Macracarpa flowers. Tony King was second with a mahogany hollow form with a Sycamore lid and an Ebony finial. David Burden was first with a lidded Yew pot, with acknowledgements to Robert Chapman. (his book is in the library)


Mike Graves was third in the experienced section with a natural edge Apple bowl. David Woodward got around to using a blank he had had since 1975 to turn a wonderful Burr Elm bowl. He had cored the centre so perhaps we’ll see a smaller version later. Roy Groves was first with his room fragrancer in Burbinga. An interesting piece which we hope he will explain how he did it.




Roy identifies the entries while Peter photographs them

Derek’s Bay and Holly root blanks.

Mike’s box lids and tools to be auctioned.

Members judge the competition.

Entries from the experienced turners. David’s Burr Elm bowl dwarf’s Peter Smart’s Chinese box with Len’s nut and bolt box in the foreground

Entries in the intermediate section. No two entries were the same item


Simon’s lighthouse stands tall amongst the beginners’ entries.

Following the competition there was the usual raffle



Mark Hancock demonstration   Saturday 11th March at 9:00am


Next Club Meeting   Thursday 23rd March at 7:30pm


David Burden
March 2017