Wight Woodturners

Club Meeting - 27th October 2016

A “Lathes Out” evening & Christmas Decorations


Wight Woodturners keep on turning and so does the year. As the evenings draw in our thoughts turn to the seasonal activities of making Christmas presents and decorations.  Because our Autumn Open Competition has been postponed into the November meeting, the making of the Christmas Tree decorations was brought forward to fill the gap this month.

Your Club will again be represented at ever popular Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival with our “wooden” tree being exhibited in the Brighstone Social Club on the 8th to 11th December.  This is a great fund raising event for many Island and national charities and we ask members to bring along their turned decorations for our tree to the November meeting.  Full details of the Festival are given below.

Still on the theme of Christmas, the Club have been invited to demonstrate at the St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School Christmas Fayre on the 3rd of December. Amongst other things we will be making turned Christmas decorations.  We would be grateful if members could turn some simple Snowmen (without any finish) and bring them along to the November meeting so that we may give them to the school children to colour on the day.  All details are in your Turning Points should that have passed you by!  If you’re stuck for ideas on tree decorations or snowmen then do see Colwin Way’s beautifully illustrated article in the December edition of the Woodturning magazine – no excuse now!

Our October club evening was a quiet meeting with no Competition, no raffle, no wood sales nor much wood to turn!  But members certainly enjoyed the chance for a get together over a cuppa and catch up on the latest gossip.  Mike did a grand job of making decorations with miniscule pieces of wood!

A few pictures below capture the essence of the evening.





Mike opens our meeting with news about upcoming Club events (for full details see your Turning Points!). Mike also gently reminded us that the Tea Bar is manned by the members on our published Tea Rota. If you can’t make your slot then do pressgang another member to cover for you or one evening we might all die of thirst!




Just checking the details to make sure they’re right!




In the Show-and-Tell Tony’s the King when it comes to miniature boxes – all expertly made as this little ebony urn shows



And another lidded urn with a finial, this time in yew




Here are Tony’s miniature boxes. One from lignum vitae on the right and ebony on the left. The ebony is so black it’s difficult to photograph the details1


Also in the Show-and-Tell are three baubles made by Peter. These are examples of “Involuted turning” where wood is temporally assembled together and turned. It is then re-assembled inside out and turned again. Complicated to explain but some pictures showed the method



A bit different, some rustic fence post finials turned from an oak post by Peter.


Now Mike takes to the stage showing how to make a snowman







Now Mike and Tommy are getting down to the details. Quite often its easier to turn small spindles with a large skew – you have more control of a larger blade


Now a small Christmas tree is shaping up. Mike’s not all on his own; there actually quite a large audience!


Many thanks to all who contributed to our enjoyable evening and to our members in the Tea bar, Peter and Simon – thanks for keeping us all alive!



Information and Resources



Involuted Turning  - here are a some of examples to give you a flavour herehere  and a video here


Christmas DecorationsIf you’re stuck for ideas try some of these here


Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival – For full information on the tree festival try their
                            website here  or a full programme here



- ooOOoo -


Next Club Evening Thursday 24th November  at19:30

Don’t forget bring along your Competition entry

made from the block of laminated beech

There will also be:-


Timber Sales



Tea Bar (hopefully)



Peter Smart

4th November 2016