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July 16 Club Meeting Report

Natural Edge Object Competition


Mike opened the meeting with the news that since the last meeting the Club had put on an exhibition at the Cowes Lane End School Fair. A request had been received at short notice and Mike thanked the committee members for dealing with this and other recent matters. Club members added their thanks. This had been an opportunity to try out risk assessment procedures. More had been taken at the fair than at any single day at the Rembrandt Gallery.

An Axminster 1218VS lathe had been bought which was more compatible with the existing lathe. Alan Shorkey had built a second bench for this lathe and some more shelving for the stores.

Mike reported that the club’s Tormek had been sold to a member after receiving a suitable bid. The record lathe was still to be sold.

The club had recently arranged a Club account at Axminster with 10% off lathes and 15% off tools. All orders will be received by Alan who will then distribute them. Mike reminded members that they can get 10% on Chestnut products from Andy at Mulberry Tree Woodturning.

Mike asked any members who had bought wood in the current sales to let Derek have photos of what had been made. Members were asked to take some of Roger’s bowl blanks to turn for Wolverton. Please bring them and any other donations to the next meeting.

The Yandle trip would not be run in September but would be re-scheduled, probably to next April.

The Natural Edge Object competition was judged by members. In the beginners section David Burden had made a goblet from fallen Ash. He said that the stem resembled a skipping rope at times. Alan had made a vase of flowers and described his process for producing the flowers. Peter Wright had used plenty of superglue on his Cherry bowl. On the Improvers Paul French had use fallen Oak and June had also used Oak. On the Experienced table Roy had produced a lidded pot in Yew with a finial and also told us about his mounting problems on an eccentric piece he had done. David Woodward had not done anything until the morning of the competition when he popped into his workshop and came out with a beautiful bowl in Crab Apple. Bill Clayden had produced a bowl with a very irregular edge. There was some debate about whether it was Yew or because of the rather purple colouring maybe Juniper. However Bill said he thought it was Yew because it had come from Cowes cemetery and there was only Yew there. Perhaps it was the calcium in the soil that caused the colouration?  Full results and pictures of the competition are on the separate report

There was another wood sale run by Roy and Ron did the usual raffle.



 July16 1  July16 2

The new Axminster AH 1218VS lathe.

Alan behind the original lathe stand.

July16 3 July16 4 

Show and Tell:  Peter Smart describes his method of removing sanding materials from the backing disk by putting them in a freezer first.  Tony King said he had not had a problem using an aluminium backing disk.

Bill Claydon brought along his ‘Coffee Table’ book of wood turning treen.

Wood Sales:  Roy rolled his electronic dice again. 

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Our next meeting is on August 25th

A Demonstrated Talk on Jig Making


Derek Atkins


Plus our usual



Timber Sales 



David Burden

August 2016


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