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November Meeting & End of Year Reports

The “End of Year Report” has a smack of school reports from the 1960’s! – but, for Wight Woodturners it must be full marks for the year.  As our Chairman, Mike, reported at the December AGM the Woodturners have well settled into their new base, re-equipped with useful new woodturning kit, introduced new activities and gained a good number of new members.  Also, at the well-attended AGM we able increase the size of our committee by welcoming June and Alan. This should bring fresh ideas and a new enthusiasm to our committee and better able to manage our increasing activities. We have an interesting Programme for 2016 plus a couple of embryonic ideas in the offering.  Should you have missed the AGM you can find a direct link to the 2016 Programme and to Mike’s report and the AGM minutes (Members Area) in the “Resources” section below.  Do join us for 2016 – and don’t forget to renew your Club Membership!

 In the run up to Christmas there was our meeting at the end of November. This included our popular and informative Show-and-Tell, a “Lathes Out” shaving making session and time for members and guests to chat with fellow turners.

At the November meeting we also collected the wooden turned baubles made by members ready for the Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival.  This annual event, which has been running for 19 years, has become increasingly popular with new venues frequently added. In conjunction with the five churches in the area it helps raise useful funds for Local and National charities. At the beginning of December small team set up our wooden tree and decked it with the member’s decorations.

A few photos below capture the events of our November meeting and our tree at the Festival.

Just click on any of the small images to bring up the bigger picture.

As usual Mike kicks the meeting off not without some good natured heckling from a senior member!

Into the Show-and-Tell and once again Tony delights us with some cracking little boxes he’s recently made. He must be into “Russian” boxes now. We await Tony’s next show with interest!

Here Andy tells us about his Kelton McNaughton Centre Saver or a “corer” as we know it. This will cut several bowls from one blank – good if you want a set of bowls with matching grain or just save £’s on expensive wood.

Different radius blades will rough cut different sized bowls when fed through the special tool post holder

Next Bill tells us about the fantastic effects obtainable by laminating multi-coloured stained wood as illustrated in the Autumn edition of the Contemporary Craft Magazine

This, surprisingly, is an English magazine published by the Crafts Council and sponsored by the Arts Council – England. It has all the latest information on emerging and traditional crafts.

If you’re into laminating wood and need to mark out precise angles to 0.5 degree resolution this is the kit you need. A precision 6” protractor with laser-cut slots to take a 0.5mm mechanical pencil makes marking out a dream.

Once again Wight Woodturners rose to the occasion when asked to create turned Christmass tree baubles to adorn the wooden tree as out entry for the Brighstone Christmass Tree festival  

“Lathes Out” time and Roy’s still busy turning tree decorations

Not quite so much action at the younger end!

There’s always time to chat at meetings and here’s two of our experienced members discussing the intricacies of bowl turning, shape, form and finishing

Then, there’s always our Library with reference books and catalogues as well as books & DVDs to borrow. In 2016 there will be changes to the library, so do watch Mike’s Turning Points.

Most evenings finish with a raffle which helps both Club funds and our local Earl Mountbatten Hospice as our chosen charity. Please do support the raffle if you can and remember you are not limited to a single ticket!

Now it’s set-up time at the Brighstone Christmass Tree Festival. The Tree’s up and fairy installed.

Now the lights – under the beady eye of a neighbour!

Many hands DO make light work!

And now decked out and with our unique form of tinsel – recyclable, bio-degradable of course and cheap!

Our tree in splendid isolation, complete & with hand-crafted sign by David. With all the neighbouring trees set-up as well it was certainly a tight squeeze.


Thank you to all our members who contributed in any way and made our November evening a success and all who made 2015 turn out so well.


Here are a few items you may follow up from the November meeting:

  • Some details of Andy’s Kelton McNaughton Centre Saver can be found here or if you have any money left after Christmas you can buy one here .  To see it in action a video is here
  • Details of the Contemporary Crafts Magazine can be found here
  • Info on Peter’s “Incra” Precision Protractor is here and here and you can buy one here
  • If you have not seen the Christmas Tree festival before, here are some images from previous years  here
  • A direct link to the Woodturners 2016 Programme on our website is HERE
  • This link takes you to the Member’s Area where you can Log-in and see The Chairman’s Report and the AGM minutes here


Please note that the above links to external websites are valid at the time of writing but may well change or disappear in the course of time

Next Month

Don’t miss our January meeting on 28th  when the highlights will be:-

  • Project Demo – two members each turning a Goblet – just watch the different techniques
  • Wight Woodturners Website Teach in - with Webmaster John Osborn
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Club Library
  • And don’t forget to renew your annual subscription to your Club

Peter Smart

1st January 2016