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Club Meeting – 22nd October 2015

2015 UFO Challenge Competition

Our October meeting was once again packed with many activities providing interest for all; members and visitors alike. The highlight this month was the UFO Challenge Competition.

This is very much a “luck-of-the-draw” competition determined by what left-over mess you get to start with!  Never the less, the eighteen entries illustrated our member’s ingenuity and creative skills to the full.  So good were all the entries they are all shown in a Gallery below.  Next year the UFOs will be having a rest BUT we will have another special Challenge for you to tax your imagination!

The regular Show-and-Tell was full of interest and this was followed by a visit from Father Christmas. The tree made by Roy is the Club’s entry in the Brighstone Christmass Tree Festival. All members are invited to turn one or more decorations to deck our tree and help the festival support numerous local and national charities. For the visitors it also enables them to appreciate the draft of woodturning

In our “Lathes Out” time members tried their hand at decorations while inexperienced members were willingly given a little guidance by the “old hands”. Meanwhile the competition was judged by the members present.

A few photos below capture the events of our evening.

Just click on any of the small images to bring up the bigger picture.

Mike opens our October meeting complete with some good natured barracking from members.

Straight into the Show-and-Tell with Derek showing off his polychromatic jewellery. Sadly there were no offers to model them!

Now a word of warning from Roy. In many of Roger’s rough turned bowl blanks the level of the inner surface is below the top plane of the external spigot so if you turn off the spigot you get a nice hole!

Here David shows us when wet-turned features unevenly dry out they can  produce an attractive wavy effect

Mike’s been wet turning too- complete with bin-liner tunic! The bowl and platter were from the same chunk of freshly felled oak

In drying out the bowl has developed an attractive shape. During the drying Mike kept a record of the weight reduction which was equivalent to a large bottle of water. Just how did he collect that water in the bottle? 

Here’s Roy telling us about a Longworth Chuck he made. In next year’s programme, probably April, Roy will give us a talk and all the details so we can make our own adjustable chuck.

Andy brought along several books about identifying timber, its uses and timber technology he had recently acquired. Details are in the Resources Section below. 

Then, we had a visit from Father Christmass! with a “wooden” tree he had made as the Club’s entry in the Brighstone Christmass Tree Festival.  Now, members have to turn wooden decorations and bring them along to the November meeting. Where’s his funny red hat and white beard?

Meanwhile the serious business of judging the entries of the UFO competition is underway. Much thought and ardent discussion?

Now it’s “Lathes Out” and making decorations time. June jumps in quick and David keeps a watchful eye on tool technique.

One of our new members soaking up a few valuable tips from an experienced “old hand”.

Bowls a plenty! We still have many part turned blanks for sale which must surely be perfect for Christmass presents. Isn’t it time we saw some beautiful bowls turning up in our Show-and-Tell? Come on – show us what you have made!

Here’s Andy spindle turning a decoration on the Club’s recently acquired Record lathe – maybe it’s turning into a snowman!

These are the three overall winners of the 2015 UFO Challenge Competition. For  the full results  follow this link here

A gallery with Before and After shots of all 18 entries follows below the “Resources” Section.


Thanks to all our members who contributed in any way and made our October evening a success.


Here are a few items you may follow up from the October meeting

* For an excellent little guide on turning Jewellery have a look at Nick Arnull’s article on the Wood
       workers Institute website here

* If you can’t wait till next year for Roy’s talk on his Longworth Chuck you can see a short guide
       on the  Woodworkers Guide website here

* The three books that Andy brought to the meeting were:-

• Wood Identification by Terry Porter – for details see  here  and  here

• British Native Trees by Piers Warren – for details see  here and  here

• Understanding Wood by Bruce Hoadley – a classic reference – for details see  here and  here

* Don’t forget the Xmas tree decorations! If you need some ideas try  here !
           Now you’re spoilt for choice!

* If you are interested how UFO 814 was created click here
   One day there may even be information on UFO 821

 Please note that the above links to external websites are valid at the time of writing but may well change or disappear in the course of time


Next Month

Don’t miss our November meeting on 26th when the highlights will be:-

* Show-and-Tell

* Lathes out for turning Christmas novelties

* Collection of Christmass tree decorations for the Brighstone festival

* Club Library

Peter Smart

1st November 2015



The 2015 UFO Challenge Gallery





UFO 801





UFO 802





UFO 803





UFO 804





UFO 805





UFO 806





UFO 807





UFO 808





UFO 809





UFO 810





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UFO 814





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UFO 825






Photos by Roy Groves & Peter Smart

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