Wight Woodturners

 Club Meetings – 27th August 2015

A Busy Evening!

Holiday time in August? Not at Wight Woodturners! Our August meeting was the highest turnout of members and visitors to a regular club evening so far this year. There was lots to see and do as well as catching up with news over a cup of tea.

With our usual “show-and-tell” and the start of the UFO Challenge for the October Competition together with the scramble for the bowl blank sale the evening got off to a flying start. Members were then entertained and educated by two demos from our professional turners Andy and David showing various techniques used in end-grain turning. And with our specialized Library, our usual raffle and continuous refreshments cheerily served by our members there was no chance to get bored.

A few photos below capture the events of our evening.

Just click on any of the small images to bring up the bigger picture.




In customary fashion our Chairman opens the proceedings telling us about the detailed arrangements for future events that you will all have read about in your Turning Points

This evening Mike has a quantity of rough turned bowl blanks for sale which were kindly donated to the club by Roger. Now, when finished Roger’s bowls are usually less than 3mm thick – so there’s a challenge for us all!

Now we are into “Show-and-Tell” with just one solitary contribution form Derek. Here he explains how to make up laminated turned pieces with multiple veneers 3mm thick (or less) using a thicknesser with a minimum planning thickness of 6mm




This evening was also UFO raffle time. The Competition in October is to take another member’s Un-Finished Object and to turn it, literally, into a beautiful or useful object. The table contains “disasters”, offcuts, B-grades and “can’t-be-bothered-with-it-anymore-pieces” all waiting to be transformed. Have you drawn your challenge? There’s still some left!

We were also treated to a Demo by Andy Fortune of the Mulberry Tree Wood Turnery on the techniques of end-grain turning. Right now Andy’s trying to figure out how best to match up his kit and chucks with the Club’s new lathe.

A quick dash to the bench grinder gets the right profile for the end grain cutting




Andy’s ready to go but there’ still a lot of serious tea drinking going on. Can you spot what’s different?

In the “limelight” now and Andy has fixed a faceplate ring to the end face of a  prepared piece of green cherry and griped the ring in a Record chuck

Using a shallow fluted gouge Andy starts to profile the outside of the blank




Here he is using long continuous cuts from the base to the top in order to obtain a smooth even profile

A final light touch-up with a sharp scraper moving across the entire surface will finish the outside

Next, Andy trues–up the base with a gouge




Now a small internal dovetail is cut into the base using a large skew for both the dovetail edge and the base of the recess

The small end-grain bowl is now held by the dove tail recess on the expanding chuck jaws and the face plate ring has been removed from the top face

Andy now begins the process of methodically hollowing out the inside of the bowl to give a constant wall thickness over the top half but thickening just a little towards the base




Finishing the bottom of the inside needs a steady hand as the business end of the tool has a long overhang over the tool rest and can easily miss-behave

Andy’s little bowl before any finishing with a pleasing shape and a warm colour

Next, David demonstrates some of his end-grain turning techniques but first it’s a trip to the bench grinder. All experienced turners have their own preferred gouge profile that they know works best for them.




Here’s David hollowing out the inside of the bowl.

And now the finished piece! Note David’s slightly different technique with an external dovetail spigot on the base which can be later turned away to give a smooth outside profile.

Here’s the work donated by members for sale at the Wolverton Show in aid of our chosen charity, the Earl Mountbatten Hospital. With more to come, this is a really excellent effort!



Just a couple of resources to follow up for the August meeting:-

            * If you’re interested in laminating up you own thin veneers have a word with Derek for a simple
                          procedure he has devised. Also, keep a watch on his website (here) the details may appear one day

            * For videos on end-grain turning with many different techniques and tools see here or here or here

            *Andy, one of our demonstrators this evening, operates the Mulberry Tree Wood Turnery here


Please note that the above links to external websites are valid at the time of writing but may well change or disappear in the course of time


Next Month

                             Don’t miss our September meeting when the highlights will be:-

                                    * Show-and-Tell

                                    * Tool Sharpening Demos

                                    * Distribution of UFOs for the October Competition
                                    – it’s not too late to draw your challenge



Thanks to all our members who contributed in any way and made our August evening a success.

Peter Smart

12th September 2015

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