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 Club Meeting - Thursday 26th February 2015

Open Competition and Show-and-Tell

Our meeting at the end of February was very well attended with members flocking in with their entries for the Open Competition.  Mind you, I think a “three line whip” from our new Competition Master Roy must have swayed some to enter a piece!  This competition is now held in February so that members may enter any two pieces made over the last year and not have to spend hours in a freezing cold workshop.  Well done all who entered and made it a successful contest.

No evening is complete without our Show-and-Tell with several members bringing along items of interest to share and inform us all.

Our new Competition Judging method was trialled for the first time and seemed to work well thanks to Roy’s efficiency.  For each of the three classes, members have to now select their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices.  A little bit more work for members perhaps but it may encourage judgement with a critical eye.  Each of the entrants was invited by Mike to tell us a little about their pieces, their inspiration, problems and which parts went well for them.  The competition results may be found by following this link

Our February evening was captured in a few pictures and stories below.  

Just click on any of the small images to bring up the bigger picture.


Here the evening gets off to a riotous start with the over-flowing open competition table taking pride of place

Then it’s into the serious stuff with the Show-and-Tell and Derek explaining how his new router jig assists the making of segments for a new range of bowls

Now Tommy has three interesting items to show off. First is a socketed live centre for pen-making followed by a square ended TC tipped tool he made and also a stylish pen for which he used a pine cone

Tommy’s items in detail. The TC tipped tool is just the right size for a mini lathe, about 300mm O/A. A standard conical live centre accurately drilled out to take the pen mandrel shaft allows pressure to be applied to the wood without causing the shaft to bend.

Last, but not least, in the S-&-T, was June showing one of her practice pieces. A delicate finial with captive rings. Maybe we all need to do practice items now and again to improve our tooling techniques and control.

While our Competition Master Roy was away calculating the scores to determine the winners, all those entering the competition were invited by Mike to talk about their entry. Here Alan tells us about his tall necked vase made from yew.

Now June Explains a little of the work that went into making one of her entries, a well-proportioned finial topped goblet shaped yew box.

 Here Adrian points out a feature on his large shallow platter.

Ron finally lets on as to the type of wood he’s been using lately – it’s peach! Quite unusual, and this natural edged piece went on to win Ron 1st prize in the Beginners Section.

In the Intermediate Section Arthur tells us about his richly coloured padauk shallow bowl.

Here Mike inspects a shallow bowl in the Experienced Section for surface ripples.

Every Picture tells a story! Clive admits to running a bit thin on this one as the light glows through the wood!

Len, in the Experienced Section of course, tells us about a large shallow bowl made from a Monkey Puzzle tree. Len uses a cork inset in the base to protect the surface on which the bowl  sits. As to other reasons for the use of the cork base you must ask Len himself!

Here Mike marvels at Derek’s large segmented pierced and carved bowl.

Roy enlightens us with his story of the making of his model traction engine all complete with moving and working parts. What patience! I guess it was the “Ah! Factor” that helped Roy win 1st prize in the Experienced section.


Thanks to all our members who contributed to the Show-and-Tell and the Open Competition and made it a success.

Resources for the Evening

*      If you want a live centre with an outer revolving cone ( so it can be gripped to machine and drill it ) then you could try one of these here or here

*      For details of Derek’s router jigs and how to use them watch this space here !

*      If you would like to see some stunning photos of turned Monkey Puzzle (Chilean Pine) see here

*      Should anyone need cork tiles look here or here


Please note that the above links to external websites are valid at the time of writing but may well change or disappear in the course of time

Peter Smart

1st March 2015


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