Competition for a wooden Spoon, Knife and Fork


August is normally considered a quiet month for organizations and clubs but not so for Wight Woodturners. We had a very respectable turnout of members and enquirers and all enjoyed getting together and sharing news and turning experiences.

Our Secretary, Derek opened the gathering with a welcome to all. Club notices and arrangements for the forthcoming Wolverton Show followed. Derek then asked us all to think carefully about our new Committee for 2015 to be elected at the December AGM. As several of our longstanding committee members and officers have expressed a wish to stand down we do need to respect their wishes. So, the club needs members with new ideas and enthusiasm willing to serve on the committee to take our club forward to a successful 2015.

The evening continued with a number of interesting items in our Show-and-Tell followed by our August Competition. The challenge was for a wooden spoon, knife and fork. Roger had previously shown us how to make a Spoon at our July meeting but the rest were left to member's imagination! The standard of work of the five entrants was very high - it's just a pity we couldn't give them more competition. After our members judged the competition, the entrants were invited to tell us about their work. In the true spirit of good woodturners, they all willingly shared with us their "trade secrets" in making the items so we could all benefit from their experience and carry their ideas forward into our own work.

There are a few pictures from the evening below.


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Derek, our Club Secretary opens the meeting welcoming regular members, new members and guests. Derek mentioned the arrangements for the Wolverton Show, the need for member's ideas on future competitions and importantly candidates for officers and committee members in 2015.
In our Show-and-Tell, David tells us about his Veneer Saw from Toolstation. This special 80 tooth blade has zero rake and no set so it leaves a planned finish on the cut surfaces. It's also ideal for cutting composites such as ply, chipboard and MDF. But David says it produces clouds of very fine dust! 
Here Roy shows off the new banner he has kindly organized for the Club. It features work by members and one of our most skilled turners in action. Very nice banner Roy! 
Now Bill introduces us to his "Shapes of constant width". These little tetrahedrons which have 4 part spherical faces and 6 arc shaped edges behave as true spheres when placed between two flat surfaces. But on a slope they won't roll away. Bill's challenge is "Can anyone make these on a lathe"! They are not true solids-of rotation. 
Here, Alan, one of our newest members, shows off some of his latest lathe work. Some very nicely shaped and finished little oak bowls and a slender goblet amongst other pieces. Nice work Alan. 
Last, but not least, Andy tells us about a turned bowl he's discovered. It's probably of Pakistani or far eastern origin, fairly roughly turned and intriguingly repaired in several places. This piece has a charming rustic quality 
This month was competition time. The challenge, which was a knife, fork and spoon, sadly only attracted a total of 5 entrants! We wonder, was it too difficult, the weather too nice or just holiday time? Do let us know what you think!
After the members had cast their votes to nominate the winners, all the entrants were invited to tell us how they created their masterpieces. Here Bernie tells us how, with the aid of a band saw, he cut the basic shapes from a carefully turned spindle. 
Now Roy tells us the tricks of his trade. Strangely, both Roy and Peter, unknown to each other, used the same cutlery set as an inspiration. Very nice.
And now Peter describes in detail how the end if his matching handles were embellished with an inset of contrasting wood. This inset mirrored an inlay on the front of the cylindrical holder. Here Tommy gives us his take on his work and how the spoon was made in "Roger fashion" but with a short turned handle as it was made on a mini-lathe.  With the Wolverton Show only three days away Arthur's busy practising making dibbers which will be demonstrated and on sale at the show. I'm sure he doesn't really need to practice!

A few Resources  

Veneer saw - Details on the 80 tooth circular saw blade shown by David can be seen here. This is also available in a 100 tooth version
Tetras - Details of Bill's little tetrahedrons can be found here.
Steady - In the Show-and-Tell a member brought in a copy of the Woodturning magazine (December 2011) with plans for a Lathe Steady. You can find more ideas for steadies here.

Precise details on how to make a steady can be found here. It's American so you will have to put up with dimensions in inches!

Don't forget Derek can get you used roller blade wheels for a small donation to a charity.



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Peter Smart - September 2014