UFO Competition   & Show-and-Tell
Meeting in the Scout Hall on Thursday 22nd May Wight Woodturners resumed their published programme in their new venue.  As is custom our Chairman Mike opened the meeting with a warm welcome and brought members up to date with various news items about the running of the Club.
Tonight was competition night!  Not as you might think scanning the sky for Unidentified Flying Objects and extra-terrestrials but some down-to-earth turning using other people’s left-overs!  This idea, put forward by Derek, was that each member brings pieces of work to the club that they had failed to finish, went horribly wrong or turned out rubbish; that is to say they were Un-Finished Objects or UFOs!  All the UFOs were numbered and members drew numbers in a raffle to select their UFO that they had to re-work to perfection!  In this competition there were no Classes and all were judged by members to select 1st  2nd  and 3rd winners.  
It certainly seems to be more of an interesting challenge resurrecting someone else’s cast off than sorting out your own mess!  This surely seemed to get some of our member’s ideas flowing for there were quite a number of innovative ideas.  This was a popular competition theme with a total of 19 entries.  The pictures below show Before and After views so you can see the transformation. I have attempted to acknowledge member’s names where I can but if you can add to or correct any of the names please email me or Webmaster John.  So apologies for any errors or omissions, as they say! 
The evening started with our regular Show-and-Tell where members exchange turning experience, info on jigs and tools or just interesting news.  A few pictures below give a flavour of the evening.  


To see a larger image just click on any of the small pictures.

First up in the S & T was Len with an impressive lathe steady he had designed and made using flashing roller blade wheels. These twinklies were quickly disabled!
Here Roy gives a word of warning when fitting glass inserts to flower vases. If the fit is tight when the wood shrinks it can crack the glass and spring a leak. Fit loosely and retain with a ring of flexible silicone rubber. 
Next, Rodger tells us about an elm cereal bowl he made 20 years ago and still in constant use. It is as good as the day it was made. An occasional wipe over with food oil keeps it good as new. 
Last was Derek showing off his very economical power carver with flexible drive he used on his UFO entry. Derek also explained about the various burrs he used. Some details in the “Resources” below 
 Tommy and Clive intently discussing one of the entries on the competition table.
With a bit more space in the Scout hall we are able to display more of the Wight Woodturners Library. Well, we seem to have a couple of studious customers! 

UFO Competition

The entries in this competition were of such a high standard in both workmanship and originality it was considered all should have a mention.  The three competition winners may be found on the Competition Page here

Before Comments After
07 This little bowl was given an interesting twist by Bill Claydon 08
09 A segmented bowl with large worm holes imaginatively and effectively transformed by Arthur Cuthbert  10
11 Adrian Boyce has worked wonders with this shard of wood to produce an attractive picture frame  12
13 Nicely re-finished but it must have very thin walls after removing the carved surface!  14
15 A few defects imaginatively disguised  16
17 A simple but very effective transformation using two different UFOs in a good combination by Paul Nicholson  18
19 A nicely re-finished and decorated little lidded dish by Adrian Boyce ?  20
21  This cracked blank from an oak gate post has been brought to life by Rodger Gladdish revealing the marvellous grain patterns. The edges of the crack have been gilded 22
23  An unusual patterned lidded box by Mike Graves has been made from a part turned blank with little character. The top offcut from the blank was reclaimed to make the lid. 24
25  A doubtful natural edge pot has been turned into a little lidded vessel by Dave Mercer? 26
 27  Now we’re getting smaller! This miniature vase from the firewood box has been transformed by Tommy Ford into an even smaller lidded vessel no more than 50mm high! 28
29  A half bowling ball has become a nicely finished hollow form by Peter Carver How did Peter hold it?  30
31  This ash blank which most people would chuck out has become an attractive thin, shallow rimmed platter made by Ron Johnson  32
 33 This heavily spalted, and in places almost rotten, rough turned blank has become a delicate and colourful piece. Must have needed lots of goo!   34
35  A definitely unfinished and uninteresting rough turned bowl has become a beautifully finished piece 36
 37  This dish shaped piece has been transformed into a shallow bowl with attractive grain patterns 38

I think it must be said that this was a popular competition and enjoyed by the members. 

A few Resources:
  •                         ŸIf you want to make a lathe steady and need wheels that haven’t hit the road try these here, or if you want to use second hand wheels from rollerblades have a word with Derek
  •                         ŸDetails of Derek’s power carver can be found here and here, but Derek says you can get them cheaper here and here!
  •                         ŸThe carbide burrs Derek used for fast wood removal are Sabre Tooth burrs. Details here or here


Please note these links are valid at the time of publication, but may disappear in due course.


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Thin Walled Bowls with David Woodward

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