Wight Woodturners Presentation Evening to the 1st Newport Scouts
On the last Thursday of March the Wight Woodturners held their third meeting in their new venue. This was a special meeting to which the Scouts, their families and their leaders were invited so that the Club could demonstrate what it had to offer in the way of teaching practical turning skills and a creative craft to a younger generation. Hopefully, from this meeting the Club and the Scouts can explore a way forward for the benefit of all. 
The Wight Woodturners are beginning to find their feet in their much larger new home. Members have perfected ways of setting up the mini lathes on tables with plenty of room to work and to be seen by a good number of on-lookers. Hardboard is used to protect the tables and thick rubber mats provide protection for the attractive polished wooden floor. Various members using the three lathes were able to demonstrate various forms of turning and this provided a constant interest throughout the Presentation Evening. Mike was able to able to encourage some of the Scouts to try their hand at some basic turning. Let’s hope this will inspire them to take learning-to-turn a little further.
The stage made an excellent area for a display of members turned work and gave an illustration of what is possible for the visiting families. The Club Library and a display by the “Cowes Turners” on additional tables were extra talking points for the visitors. The tea bar, manned by willing volunteers, was of course ever popular with members and visitors alike and provided a good getting-together point. At one point in the evening I even heard complementary comments about the Woodturners leaving no mess at all from their previous visits. 
There were a very encouraging number of visitors and there was a great “family atmosphere” to the evening. Let’s hope that the members of the Wight Woodturners can add something to that family.
Just a few pictures below give a flavour of the Presentation Evening to the Scouts.
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The club put on a number of interesting “attractions” for the Scouts and their families to see plus of course our café area
There were mini three lathes which were busy all evening manned by Arthur, Bernie and Paul amongst others 
A display of member’s work on the stage complete with a continuously running slide show of past events & competitions 
Here’s the Club Library and Resources table alongside a special display of superb work form our “Cowes Turners” 
 Mike and Arthur show some interested youngsters how to change the speed of a lathe
"Now guys, I've got one of these so I guess I must be first on the lathe!" 
 Here is Mike covering some of the preliminaries
And now the youngsters start to make the chips fly! 
 Meanwhile, David is busy making give-a-way garden dibbers which were very popular
 There was a lot of interest around the lathes all evening from all the members of the scouts families  And of course the tea-bar was popular with members and visitors alike. Nothing like a chat over a cup of tea whatever age!  Well of course no meeting is complete without a raffle. Here our Raffle Master Ron takes the lime-light.



  An enjoyable evening was had by all!   

Our Next Meeting:-8th April at the Riverside Centre 

When we invite our Guest Speaker - Joe Cauldwell.

Didgeridoo maker & player

Peter Smart - 2nd April 2014