Tuesday Meeting on 11th February at the Riverside Workshop


Thursday Meeting on 27rd February at 1st Newport Scout Hall
Once again Wight Woodturners have indulged in two meetings in the same month! The normal Tuesday meeting at the Riverside followed by our new regular Thursday meeting at the 1st Newport Scout Hall. Both of the gatherings were very well attended by members and we are all beginning to feel at home in the much larger Scout Hall. With the bigger venue come greater possibilities for the future. 
Riverside Workshop
At this meeting we had our increasingly popular Show-and Tell where members exchange turning experiences and share their work for others to see. This was followed by our winter Open Competition. These two kept us busy all evening so there wasn’t even time to get the lathes out! 
The Open Competition attracted a record number of 29 entries which was very good to see. The committee had decided that the winter competition should be an “open” one where members could enter any piece of work made during the previous year. This way our members would not suffer from frostbite by venturing into their workshop during the month of January. This seemed to work! 
A few pictures below give a flavour of the Tuesday meeting at the Riverside.
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Mike opens the meeting with a warm welcome to all The Show-and-Tell was the first item of the evening and in the lead was Bernie telling us about a platter he had recently made  Next was David with two delicate thin walled bowls both made from the same burr cut from a London Plane.This was one of the street trees in Sandown. 
4 5 6
Mike is quite taken with the workmanship on the thin walls Here the experts discuss Paul’s fine open segment bowl now that it’s finished. The part-finished bowl featured in last month’sShow-and-Tell Now Len takes the stage explaining how he made a threaded box from a bowling bowl.
 7 8  9 
Ah! the secret is to turn the male thread on an annular insert which is then glued in the correct position in one half of the box so that the outside grain lines up when the boxis screwed shut  Len explained how his homemade thread cutting jig worked on the lathe. A close-up of the thread cutter is shown which is mounted in the head stock and rotates at 4000 RPM Here are the bowls andplatter that featured in theFebruary Show-and-Tell
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Last was Derek (putting inan appearance between the waltz & the quickstep!) explaining the jig heused to produce the “flower” feature in his segmented bowl  The left jig locates thefeature on the base board of the turning. The right jig is positioned at this location & used as a drill guide. Finally, the left jig is used as a drill guidefor the central hole. These steps produce theflower feature in the centre of the base.But there’s a lot more work yet to build up the rest of the segmented bowl evenbefore the turning begins! 
13   14  15
In our Open Competition members scrutinize the work of their peers before casting their votes. There were some fine and varied entries showing a whole range of different skills. Here the Beginners Section is upper-right & Experienced lower-left Another view with theExperienced on the right and the Intermediate in the centre. With luck we will have a bigger display area in our new venue!


1st Newport Scouts Hall

For the Wight Woodturners second February meeting in the Scout Hall we were beginning to get a measure of what was needed at our new venue to feel “at home”. Importantly, we had free tea and coffee for members served by two willing volunteers. Soon, we will be on the lookout more members to fill a “refreshment rota” so everybody gets a chance to chin-wag over their drinks! And in time, we will have more new ideas to try. 


As you can see from the pictures below, our new mats to protect the polished floor were a success as were the tables for mounting the lathes instead of “Work-mates”. These tables gave a nice area to lay out the turning tools without having to hunt for them in a bag on the floor. *I was not able to be at the meeting myself so many thanks to John and Derek for taking the photos. 


Below are a just a few pictures of the Wight Woodturners “at home” in the Scout Hall.  To see a larger image just click on any of the small pictures.


To see a larger image just click on any of the small pictures.

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Arthur getting setup in a prime position. Plenty of space for those tools! Arthur’s getting messy now There’s loads of room in the Scout Hall, so is that Mike organizing a spot of Morris dancing?
19 20 21
Len’s the most important man of the evening – in charge of the TEA Is this what they call arboreal networking? There were even boxes of goodies for all.
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Here’s Paul hard at work on his light pulls And Paul getting down to the detailed turning But closely watched over by Clive
25 26 27
Now Tommy shows us   his skills. This is Peter, just looking so relaxed, refining his version of a light pull Now, whose skilful hands are these manipulating this interesting chisel?


Here are just a few “Resources” for interest:-


Burrs - If you want to know a little more about “burrs” on trees try this link here


Thread Cutting – There was an interesting article on cutting threads in wood in the January 2014 edition of Woodturning. This was by Kurt Hertzog and can be found on page 34. 



Details of a commercial thread cutter are here and a few images of this in action here. This jig uses exactly the same principle as Len’s invention


Derek’s Jig - More details of the jig Derek used build up his flower motif can be found on his own website here Scroll right down to bottom of the page.




These links are valid at the time of writing but may disappear in time as web pages change Text  



Our Next Meetings:-

Riverside 11th March  -   Show-and-Tell and Freehand Sphere Turning

Don’t forget to bring in your UFOs ready for the May Competition

Scout Hall 27th March   -   Wight Woodturners presentation to the Scouts

Peter Smart - 1st March 2014
Photos – P Smart/ J Osborn/ D Atkins