Tuesday Meeting on 14th January at the Riverside Workshop


Thursday Meeting on 23rd January at 1st Newport Scout Hall


Despite all the rain and gales here we are in a New Year and 2014 certainly promises to be an eventful year for the Wight Woodturners. As our time at the Riverside Centre draws to a close we look forward to our meetings in our new venue at the 1st Newport Scouts Hall. Yes, this will be a time change for many but this move leaves behind the uncertain future of our present home, gives us room to expand in a central location and the possibility of passing on our craft and skills to a new generation.  


So 2014, is a new year with new opportunities, new challenges, new activities, new directions and space to expand. As we grow, new members, young and not so young may well bring new skills and new experiences for us all to share. As a Club will we rise to it?


Riverside Workshop - The Wight Woodturners first meeting of the year was at the Riverside where the first item was a lively, varied and interesting “Show and Tell”. Thanks to all who contributed. Next was “lathes out time” where Mike gave us some instruction on how to produce slender finials to grace the top of turned boxes or lidded vessels. Many useful tips were passed on by Mike with other members adding advice from their own experience. Mike showed us that fine finials need a keen eye and a steady hand for detailed tool control.


A few pictures below show some of the highlights of the Tuesday meeting at the Riverside.  


To see a larger image just click on any of the small pictures.


The first “Show-and-Tell”of the year was a bumper one! Working together, Len and Paul created twoopen-segmented bowls with some interesting effects!
Here Len explains how he replicated a factory made SegEasy-Plate but in a smaller diameter to fit his own lathe. Clever stuff Len. 
Now Paul explains some of the details of constructing the open segment bowls and some of the problemsthey had to work around. 
 Next, Peter showed us some of his carvings. Here is a turned bowl decorated with delicately carved leaves.
Next Bernie shows us his exploits with finials. You can just see his small box with tall finial he madeto his right sitting on the blocks of wood. 
 David loves bowls! Here he shows us a matching set of delightful little bowls all delicately thin.
Now for something quite different. This is Bill’s deceptively simple folding stool with circular turnedseat and distinctive Rennie Mackintosh styling. 
 Tony’s been experimenting again. Here he shows us a pleasing composite strip mahogany and plywoodplatter. The ply was reclaimed from an old drawing board.
 There’s no stopping Ron now! Ron showed us several pieces he had recently made. This one is a small liddedpot – well the lid fitted nicely when it was made!
Roy likes making his own tools ‘cause it’s cheaper! This one is a hooked hollowing tool with a circular cutter.(Glad Roy’s not a surgeon!) 
 Here Mike passes on his tips on turning fine finials. He’s using a piece of straight grained goodnatured dry walnut to give a polished finish straight from the tool.  Sharpening shapes for spindle gouges always gets a good discussion going!


Scouts Hall- Thursday 23rd January was our first meeting at the 1st Newport Scouts Hall. The Hall is at the end of Woodbine Close off St John’s Road in Newport. (Location details are on the home page of our website under “Club Latest” if you haven’t found the Hall yet.) Just over half of our members turned up for the first night and all enjoyed the new experience in the new venue. 


As you can see from the photos below we were spoilt for space in the modern well-lit hall. There were chairs a plenty, a well equipped kitchen and good comfort facilities. At our next meeting in the hall there will be tea and coffee available for members during our half time break. Even the stage provided an excellent display area for our Club Library. 


Our members brought along three portable lathes with stands so there was plenty of turning activity during the evening and plenty of room for people to observe. There was no particular theme for this evening as we wanted to just see how it would all work out for us. And, of course half of the fun was clearing up again at the end to leave the Scout Hall just as we found it! 


Below are a few pictures of the Wight Woodturners in their new potential “home”.  

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13   14  15  16
Here’s our three lathes setup in the hall – just see how much open space there is!  Len making quite sure thelathe is steady and ready for use.  Mike’s almost ready to get turning.  Here’s Ron busy christening the impressive wooden floor with ash shavings 
17 18 19 20
Keith’s bowl made from Palmwood generated quite a lot of interest – and a challenge for Mike to sort out too.  Paul adds his share of chips on the floor too. His finished pieces were some very attractive lightpulls.  Here’s Tony all alone getting down to some serious small scale hollowing on Mike’s mini Fox lathe  Now it’s time to clear up every wood chip in sight.  Come on lads, every chip I said!!  


Here are just a few “Resources” to go with our two evenings:-  

Note: These links are valid at the time of writing but may disappear in time as web pages change 



Next Club Meetings:

12th February - Open Competition and Show-and-Tell. 

Scout Hall 27th February  -  Lathes Out

Peter Smart - 11th January 2013


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