This evening was the precursor to our exhibition to be held at Quay Arts later this year with the main event of the evening being the bowl competition which followed from the bowl demo at the 13 July meeting.

Whilst the guest judge Bill Mount started assessing the bowls entered into the competition Bill kicked off an extended "show & tell" session by describing the jig he had made to enable him to turn spherical shapes. Typically this could make very round balls but also be used for turning parts of bowls be this the inside or outside of said bowl or even forming a spherical shape on the rim.

Next Bernard showed us a tool he had made which although much smaller than the one that Bill made but did just the same job.

Derek was next up fighting off his first cold of the winter to do a brief talk on how he made some of his segmented bowls, including one which viewed from a distance appeared quite good but close up showed not all the segments matched up as they should.

John then took centre stage pulling bowl after bowl from one of  his bottomless boxes.  John being John each bowl was very different from is predecessor, one wonders just which if any turning technique John hasn't tried.

The last to talk about "bowls they had turned" was Roger who also had many and various shapes and sizes of bowls.

After John  and Roger members should have a fair few ideas to chew over in coming up with items suitable for Quay Arts.

Back to home made tools when Len talked about the one he had made which allows him to cut very nicely formed threads in his turned items.

John & Roger finished off the evening (no pun intended!!) by talking about various "finishing processes" they regularly use on their turned output.

Bill show how he uses his ball turning device! John with one of his "composite" bowls. Composite because it consists of a conventional surrounded by a turned and coloured rim of MDF
I didn't know you made funny bowls John, but I guess you must do! John still at it describing the process he uses to make some of his pierced bowls. Either that or John has some very BIG woodworm
in his workshop!