Wight Woodturners Club Meeting

12th March 2013

Spindle turning basics with David Woodward

We had yet another excellent turn out for this meeting given the local chaos caused by the road works in Newport and the heavy snow various areas of the island had the previous day. Mike started the meeting by saying the committee were disappointed with the low entry into the February competition and we were worried the same might happen for the May segmented competition. After  some discussion between the committee & the club members it was decided to drop the segmented competition in May and instead replace it with an item turned from a bowling wood which Tony King said he could get from his club at £1 per bowl. The members were certainly more enthusiastic for such a competition item, we look forward to getting a good entry in the May competition.

Mike then handed over the floor for the show & tell session. Bernie had brought some tungsten carbide burrs via Ebay and had used them to “convert” some old chisels into bead forming gouges. Several members tried using these at the end of the evening, see below for results. Next Derek showed a faceplate he'd made for reverse turning bowls. Although we'd seen similar at previous meetings the main reason he'd brought this a long was because of the foam facing material he'd used which came from an old camping foam bed roll. Because he still has a lot left he offered to bring in foam for any members who asked him for some. Last up for the show & tell was Arthur who'd followed up on the previous two club meeting by making a three legged stool, three cheers to Arthur for making such an excellent stool.

The floor was then taken by David Woodward for his “back to basics spindle turning” which is described below.

An excellent three legged stool brought to the show & tell by Arthur.
Bernie brought along these two ex-chisels.
Derek showed this faceplate he'd made for reverse turning his bowls.
David produced these drawings to introduce his talk. The top left drawing shows how logs can spilt as they dry out. The other drawings show how logs can be sectioned for various uses.
David showing how he cuts a log to produce spindle blanks.
Here David shows cut & planned spindle blanks taped together with air gaps to aid drying. He's also got two bowl blanks from splitting a log in two.
Ready for the off David's mounting a crab apple branch for his first demo.
Here he's using a roughing gouge, working from the ends, to get the item into a round.
Here we have Adrian trying his hand carrying on with roughing down the log.

Here we see David using planning cut with an oval skew to bring his blank down to the required size.

A parting gouge being used to form some of the design.
Using a spindle gouge to form coves.
When there's lots of wood to remove then using a roughing gouge  makes the task quicker.
A big cove needed then use the roughing gouge to speed the task.
The final outcome for the first piece of the evening.
David's now using one of his holly blanks to make a “table” leg. Here we see him using the point to the skew to form a pommel at one end of the blank.
Here we see David using the point of the skew to refine the pommel.
Now using the skew with a planning cut to reduced the diameter of the work between the completed pommels at either end. David's now using a parting gouge to form part of the pattern in the centre section.
Now using a spindle gouge to form a cove.
David using the skew  to form a large bead at one end of the work item.
The finished “table” leg.
Here we see a club member trying one of Bernie’s home made beading tools.
Not a bad result given home made tool used and club members never having tried such gouges before.

An example of how to turn a table leg, i.e. like David's second turned item can be seen here .

The videos shot by John & David shown at the club meeting can be seen by linking on these links:

              1. How to create a Chainsaw Stand
              2. Preparing Bowl Blanks from Logs
              3. Preparing Spindle Turning Blanks
Pictures and Text - Derek Atkins 22 March 2013