This evening was another "hands on" session this time with three lathes running but this time there was a general theme to the evening as this was a precursor to the May competition item which is an "Egg & Egg Cup".  On one lathe John, without a cap this time :-( , was turning both eggs & eggs cups, David was on a second lathe turning eggs whilst Mike was on the third lathe showing new members and beginners at turning the techniques needed to make eggs.

John turning rather than laying an egg, I'm only joking John ☺ Refining the shape with the skew. It's taking shape nicely now and shining too boot.  
John has now moved on to a cup for he egg, here he is hollowing out the end. Refining the shape of the outside of the bowl. He's now moved on to shape the stem. Nearly finished and soon to be parted off.
Not content with making one at a time here David starts turning a blank which will become TWO eggs! First one starting to take shape. Now you can really see what it's going to be. Final check on the finish.
After a brief "Show & Tell" session Bernard demonstrates his new hollowing tool. just watch the shaving fly! It's now someone else's turn to try hollowing with a home made tool, costs much less and almost as effective.