The second meeting of the year and not only did the new members from the first meeting return but we were joined by another two potential new members. Just like the first meeting tonight was again a hands on evening with two lathes running.

David was initially on the CL4 doing a bowl turning demo, after the tea break Roger took over the lathe and did a demo of texturing using his Proxxon angle grinder. After a brief demo on using the grinder various other members also tried their hands at grinding in public!

The second lathe (i.e. the CL3) was set up for spindle work and initially Mike continued with showing the new members (and new turners) how to  safely use the  skew, after the tea break Arthur took over on this lathe for some more spindle work.

El laddo John the cap Navin brought in several of his grinders and for most the the evening entertained (not sure if that is the correct word  ) many of the assembled members with various techniques to grind turning gouges. He used several commercial grinding jigs but also demonstrated using some he'd made himself.


David shaping the outside of his bowl. Final cuts with the gouge before David used various types of shear scrapers to complete the bottom of the bowl. With the bowl remounted in the recess David works on hollowing the inside.  
Final cuts to finish the inside before scraping & sanding to obtain the final finish. The John cap mandoing a public grinding session!!! Here John shows how to grind a skew with a commercial jig running with an Axminister slow running grinder. Using the same jig to grind a roughing  gouge. Click this link for more details on some of the grinding jigs John was using.
Here John is shown using his Sorby ProEdge grinder. Roger starting to texture the outside of a bowl. The lines seen here are just guides to help visually place the texture pattern radially from the centre of the bowl. The pattern progresses towards the rim. Roger textured two panels then used a sanding wheel to remove the rough surface left by the grinder to leave a nice smooth finish.
Close-up of Roger's Proxxon grinder. These are Roger's foam turning pads which he uses to reverse turn the bottoms of bowls. Each pad consists of some hard foam fixed to some block board. Each is fixed on a screw chuck and mounted in the lathe and the inside of the bowl is then held firmly against the foam with the tailstock. Mike doing a teach in on how he makes his very fine finial pots. Close up of a couple of Mike's pots.