Club Meeting held 14th June 2011

This is a short report on our club meeting held on the 14th June at Riverside. Mike opened the evening as usual by detailing the contents of the latest “Turning points” which can be found here on the club website.

The committee have decided to run our stand at Wolverton this year slightly differently this year and it was therefore decided that this evenings meeting would act as a precursor to Wolverton by having hands on sessions of turning:-

All of which will be sold with the proceeds going to Age Concern. Below are some photos & videos taken during the meeting.


Here we see John Navin turning a light pull, by clicking on this link you'll see a video (hosted on You Tube) of the process.

Here we see Tony Woodfield tackling a garden dibber.

This is Arthur making another fine mess in the workshop....

See what I mean. I'm not sure what he was turning but I trust it didn't start as a dibber and end up as a light pull. I'm only JOKING Arthur.

Here Clive is giving Tony some tips on using the skew.

A close up of Clive's technique with the skew.

John making another light pull.

Here we see Les having a go at making a dibber.

Back to Arthur who's started making a carrier bag carrier.