Meeting January 2011

Tonight was the first club meeting of the new year and also the first with the new committee taking charge. This meeting started the year as it is intended to continue at regular intervals throughout the year, i.e. lots of hands on lathe sessions. As well as having two lathes running we also had the first competition of the year which was an open competition judged by Bill Mount, see link for details.

Country man (i.e. cap man ☺) John finishing off the spigot on a small bowl before... remounting in the chuck to finish off the... inside.

It's now Arthur's turn to make the place in a mesh, sorry that should read shape the underside of a bowl. Mike on the other lathe doing a brief intro to turning for the the five new potential members who turned up. After some H&S info on the lathe Mike moves over to the grinders for more H&S as well expounding the need to have correctly sharpened tools to make turning life much easier.

After tea break Mike describes the basics of spindle turning. After his brief demo Mike manages to encourage one of the new comers to have a go at spindle work. Not content with one new comer Mike manages to get another to have ago on the lathe. Lets hope we get even more new comers at the next meeting!

We'd like to welcome the following:-

  • Paul Betts
  • Gordon Bushell
  • Godfrey Carpenter   
  • Les Street
  • Tod Tayler

who attended this meeting and we hope they decide to become full members of the club.