Club Meeting August 2011

August 2011 Club Meeting

Members of Wight Woodturners gathered together at the Riverside Centre on the 9th August for an evening of various demonstrations and lathe work.

Mike, our chairman opened the meeting with a welcome and drew our attention to the August edition of Turning Points which for members may be found here. Details of the Wight Woodturners stand at the Wolverton Manor Show on the 3rd & 4th September were discussed. Mike encouraged all members to support the show as this is our main shop window to promote Wight Woodturners. Demonstrators and stewards are required for both days together with help to dismantle the stand and equipment at the end of Sunday. A sign-up sheet was available, otherwise contact Mike. Members turning small “give away” items, in exchange for donations to “Help the Aged”, should bring them along on the day.

The Yandles show is on 9th and 10th September and any additional members offering to take their cars should contact member of the committee as soon as possible.

On the subject of competitions, Mike clarified that the “Bowl of Fruit” competition in September would be judged in its entirety, that is the bowl and all the pieces of fruit included.

The demonstrations for the evening were varied. With bowls for the fruit in mind, a teach-in on making a shallow bowl was given by Mike. Tommy, using Arthur’s portable lathe, showed what could be done with a block of spalted beech while Bernie demonstrated the capabilities of the new Crown Revolution Hollowing System on some fresh wood.

A few additional resources related to the evening’s activities are included at the bottom of the page.

Here are a few photos of the evening.

Tommy gets going first using some spalted beech from Newchurch to make a vase

This beech has numerous drying shakes with weak spalting lines and a large chunk soon flys off.

So, “adapt and change" and we now have a pear

Final shaping of the pear, yet to be sanded and finished

Using the CL4 lathe Mike demonstrates the steps to make a bowl for the “Bowl of Fruit” competition

The ash blank has been trued across the face and edge. A spigot has been formed to suit the chuck and the back is shaped

A bead is formed just under the rim to add interest to the shape

The chuck jaws are adjusted and the bowl mounted on the chuck

The bowl is reversed and the inside hollowed out, with a guiding hand from Mike

The shaped bowl, yet to be sanded and finished and filled with fruit

Meanwhile, Bernie on the CL3 demonstrates the effectiveness of the Crown hollowing tool on some fresh mimosa

Long streams of shavings are soon produced

After a few adjustments to the cutter, Rodger tries his hand with the hollower

After a bit more thinning of the wall a knot decides to go walkabout. So its “adapt and change” time again

A shallow cup is now parted off. Then Len uses the remaining wood to make an attractive little dish( sorry Len no picture!)


At the “Show and Tell" session Bernie enlightens us on his exploits with the spalted beech



Bernie's spalted beech turnings

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August 2011